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The elegant Casagrande - home of the Conti Brandolini d'Adda - is the most recent destination in the Veneto where you will be able to enjoy total relaxation. In this luxurious 15th century estate, set in the foothills of the Dolomites, everything comes together to have a perfect holiday with family and friends. The Brandolini d'Adda family who, since the 15th century defended the surrounding vales and towns, still runs the property today.


Guests experience a visit to a Renaissance home with modern and luxurious touches. Spacious rooms with high ceilings and private bathrooms offer comfortable living. The house has three living rooms where you can enjoy the warmth of a burning fireplace. All living areas are furnished with a mix of modern Italian design and antiques that have belonged to the Brandolini's for hundreds of years. The garden of two acres features an 18-meter swimming pool and a secluded seating area under the monumental chestnut tree. A private cook and housekeeper can make sure that you will never be left wanting.


During your stay in the Casagrande you will have all the marvelous things that the Veneto has to offer within easy reach. The Casagrande is an hour drive from Venice, Padova and Treviso. The area is well known for its food and wine and its mountains offer fantastic walks, bike trails and ski facilities.